Why Brandability Matters


Success Has A Formula

The road to industry leadership is met with challenges and opportunities. While some companies choose to chase the market, others like many of our customers, choose to redefine it. In order to support the innovative thinking behind the brand leaders we have the privilege of calling our customers, we’ve developed a proprietary marketing methodology called Brandability. Brandability is a formula for our unique perspective and industry ingenuity to energize an idea and take it from thoughts on a sticky-note, to a design prototype, to a final product in your hands. The results of our Brandability method is proof that there is in fact a formula for marketing success. Becoming a best loved brand is a relentless pursuit to define and refine brand experiences for your customers, employees, vendors and suppliers. We apply that same pursuit to how we leverage our Brandability formula, realize your brand promise and transform the attributes of your brand in exciting new ways.

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Every new partnership begins with the process of discovery, but it doesn’t end there. Throughout the process, we continually sift through the details to truly understand on the deepest level possible the unique attributes of your brand identity, the marketing strategies that propel your business and the objectives that matter most. This in-depth approach allows us to consistently deliver the high-impact solutions that you want and need.

The Brand: Armstrong

The Challenge: Selling a New Product Line
Armstrong needed a branded product to send to their dealers showcasing their Alterna Luxury Vinyl flooring line. They needed something original that wouldn’t just be tossed aside – ideally it would be an actual sales tool that got people’s attention and shared some key information about the benefits of Alterna.

The PSG Solution: Discover & Differentiate
PSG’s commitment to discovery lead them to purchase Alterna flooring samples so they could touch, feel and understand the product on a deeper level. By shopping Armstrong’s competitors they were able to clearly understand Alterna’s differentiators and start to imagine possibilities for conveying these messages to Alterna’s target customers.
After meeting with Armstrong and discovering the key differentiators for Alterna flooring, PSG worked to identify the most compelling elements that could be a represented in a branded product. PSG believed the most compelling differnece between Alterna and their competitors was the appearance and authenticity of the tiles themselves. Alterna’s competitors products looked fake due to limited color shades and patterns for each tile. Alterna on the other hand, had dozens of patterns for each tone, creating the appearance of natural stone unlike any other company in the market.
Based on this key differentiator, PSG developed a promotional product that offered tremendous synergy between the brand’s attributes and the seemingly endless possibilites featured on a rubix cube. The brand’s differentiators came to life through clear copy and dozens of actual tile patterns displayed across the cube. The product made Alterna’s sellings points tangible and was utilized as a highly-effective sales tool for their dealers.

We’re always looking for ways to leverage our inspiration by tapping into the latest trends in cutting-edge decorating techniques, industry-changing fashion and bold uses of technology. Using our inspiration and industry know-how as your guide, we fuel your vision and bring life to custom concepts in branding you never thought possible. By letting imagination lead the way, you can count on our Brandability Team to show you what’s really possible.

The Brand: Valspar

The Challenge: Marketing for Multiple Brands
Valspar needed a versatile branded product that could be utilized by multiple brands and internal groups for a variety of purposes, from retail promotions in Lowe’s stores to large events and tradeshows. They were tired of the same generic branding on items and needed something fresh.

The PSG Solution: Proactive Creativity
Aware of Valspar’s marketing goals and current campaign, PSG helped reimagine possible applications for the popular chameleon themed artwork and proactively pitched a new concept. PSG’s in-house creative team developed custom Valspar tote bags with color accents that matched the engaging art. The product was practical yet attention grabbing, a perfect fit for both retail and events. By reimagining new ways to extend Valspar’s campaign, PSG helped the client increase brand awareness and reinforce the strength of Valspar’s partnership with Lowe’s.

Maximizing every branding opportunity means identifying unique ways to solve your marketing challenges and get the most value out of your marketing spend. Strategic sourcing, domestic and international fulfillment, and core product categories are just the beginning. Delivering exceptional value and creating more impact is how we exceed your every expectation as a marketing partner.

Maximize Lightbox Image - Lowes Kobalt hat
The Brand: Lowe’s Home Improvement

The Challenge: Broken Promises
A vendor failed to deliver on the design and production of over 26,000 hats, Lowe’s had a serious issue on their hands. The hats were needed for a high profile event that was less than two months away and the budget for each hat could not exceed $3.00. With critical time and resource restraints, the company looked to PSG for their expertise.

The PSG Solution: Maximized Resources
PSG leveraged its international capabilities and split the production of the 26,000 hats between two of their overseas production partners to expedite the process. From the hats themselves to the decoration and placement, each element of the order was carefully developed to maximize branding opportunities. Following production, each item was inspected to ensure the PSG standards of craftsmanship, quality and durability were met. PSG’s logistic coordinators arranged for expedited international shipping methods that delivered the hats to all 300 Lowe’s stores just 55 days after being contacted and a full week prior to the event. The best part? PSG didn’t just deliver the goods in a fraction of the time, they did at a considerable discount from the previous vendor. Maximizing resources and maximizing branding opportunities – it’s what PSG is all about.

To truly deepen brand connection, you must consistently evoke a sentiment that keeps people attracted to your brand. We look for meaningful ways to reinforce your brand story through the relationships you value most. Whether it’s your customers, employees or partners, a hand-picked collection of retail-inspired merchandise that reflects your brand attributes will create brand ambassadors.


The Brand: Johns Manville

The Challenge: Rewarding High-Level Partners
Johns Manville needed to wow their top partners and make them feel appreciated for their key contributions. Leading up to their annual meetings, the company decided they would send a promotional package to each of the top performers. The contents of the package needed to be extraordinary – “better than the packages movie stars get at the Oscars!” the client said.

The PSG Solution: Evoke Pride
PSG recognized the stakes were high and Johns Manville needed solutions that would evoke emotions from their top partners. Their packaged needed to make them feel proud, honored and appreciated. To accomplish such a feat, PSG started by sourcing the most elite collection of premium products available. These couldn’t be just cool items though, they needed to be strategic in representing Johns Manville’s brand. Items included name brand apparell, the latest mobile tech gadgets and travel devices designed for functional use and keeping John’s Mansville top of mind at every step.
PSG selected the newest styles across product categories and combined the premium products with cutting edge decoration techniques and placement for a look that would wow recipients. They added a personal touch by not only decorating with Johns Manville’s logo but also the partner’s company and the individuals name. Their partners who received packages were blown away at the value in each package and all the careful attention to detail Johns Manville showed in extending their appreciation.