Our Geiger Legacy


We’re Committed To Your Success

As a wholly-owned subsidiary, PSG is part of the Geiger family of companies. Geiger, producers of the much-loved Farmer’s Almanac™, was founded in 1878. Today, Geiger is the largest privately-held branded products company in the United States. The relationship that PSG has with Geiger uniquely positions us to access a worldwide operational infrastructure, which we leverage to serve the evolving business needs of our corporate and enterprise customers. With Geiger, we have the power to deliver comprehensive brand merchandise, technology solutions and customer responsiveness that is unmatched in our industry.

Committed To Excellence

Geiger is known as a Top 10 company in the promotional products industry because of our strength, longevity and consistency in the marketplace. Being committed to excellence is a choice that we make everyday and for every customer we serve. Quality Customer Service (QCS) is our goal and we make our relentless pursuit of quality and service a key component of our competitive edge. We strive to listen, understand and respond to customer needs so that we are giving the opportunity to exceed their expectations of service. We don’t have to do it this way . . . we choose to. Continuous improvement leads to lasting success. Each of us, every employee associate, is personally responsible for making improvements (because no improvement is too small) to the job we do everyday. We work hard to reduce operational costs and pass those savings onto our customers and we work just as vigorously to improve the quality of our products and services. Our goal is simple – to raise the bar and become the standard of industry excellence. [View our awards list]

Committed To Ethical Practices

Ethics matter! Products are tested for harmful chemicals and child safety and in some cases an independent testing process is available to further validate prior testing. You can take comfort in knowing that many of the items tested are products that we use on a regular basis for programs and clients nationwide. Our production partners have years of proven experience and have put their products through testing standards that are above and beyond. Our commitment to ethical practices doesn’t stop domestically. We visit overseas factories to see first hand how products are manufactured to ensure safe working conditions and responsible labor practices are being met. We also work with FLA certified sources of supply that conduct regular and rigorous, independent testing to ensure products are safe and do not employ sweat shop-type labor practices or child labor. Simple put, we will conduct our business in an ethical manner and at all times use ethical principles to guide our business decisions. Not because we are told to do it, but simply because it is the “right” thing to do – and its how we do business.[Read The Geiger Way Statement]

Committed To Community

Our employee associates are our most valuable asset. We hire exceptional people and treat them with the respect they deserve. The ongoing development of each person through training, empowerment, and recognizing accomplishment is vital. We want a healthy, pleasant work place where communication is open, frequent, and two-way; where attitudes are positive; where teamwork is universal; and where innovation is expected. Ours is a “family” business built on lasting relationships. We seek the collective benefits that come from dynamic long-term affiliations with our employee associates, sales partners, end user customers, and suppliers. That’s why we give back to our community because our strength as a company is drawn from the communities where we live, work and play. Our commitment to community is evidenced in several key initiatives that we’ve launched including: Get Green With Geiger, UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping and our Social Responsibility pledge.