The PSG Standard


Driven By Excellence

We can’t speak for an entire industry. In fact, we wouldn’t want to. The truth is our industry is typically five – ten years behind in terms of technology, innovation and consumer data. We see how uninspired people are when they think of choosing promotional merchandise – it’s become more of a mere task than an inspired and exciting process. We understand that for many companies par is acceptable, but that’s not how we look at promotional products. For our customers, we’ve moved the line from acceptable to exceptional. We are fueled by the desire to produce marketing solutions that everyone feels good about. In the end, we are driven by the need to one-up ourselves and transform our energy, effort and enthusiasm into a concept for you that begins with a commitment to excellence.

Exceeding Your Wildest Expectations

While the promotional marketing industry is catching up to what people really want, we make knowing and understanding customer buying behaviors our business every minute of every day. Engaging marketing solutions that will impact the way your employees, customers and vendors experience your brand is what guides our merchandise suggestions for you. Then we look at the decoration techniques and placement of decoration choices to further extend the reach of your brand visually. If you thought we were simply going to put your logo on the side of something and call it done, then we invite you to get to know us better. You’ve come to expect basic and boring as the standard for promotional marketing. We will show you how our unique process of imagination, technology and trends yields results that far exceeded anything would have expected.