How Trends Influence Concepts


How Trends Influence Concepts

Our in-house brandability team closely monitors the latest trends in retail, fashion and design – but that’s just the beginning. What’s most important is not the trends themselves but what they can do to elevate your brand.

Fashion Trend

  • Bright & Bold
  • High Functionality
  • Textures, Luster, Metallics, Reflective
Customer Benefits

  • Safety, Style, Brand Visibility
  • Comfort, Performance, Utility
  • Safety, Style, Brand Perception

In addition to these benefits, the fashion trends we incorporate into our collections are designed to simply look great, appeal to the tastes of your target market and maximize branding opportunities. We don’t believe in simply slapping logos on products – every product detail is carefully crafted so we create collections that your customers wear proudly.

Concepts in Action


Recently while designing a custom jacket for our client we were inspired by The North Face Summit Series, a premium retail collection. With precise attention to detail our team worked with key production partners to develop a highly functional and versatile jacket with bright buzzing colors. We enhanced the product further by placing branding elements in non-traditional locations and applying them through cutting-edge metallic reflective heat transfers for a true retail look and functionality.

Powerful Results

Client feedback revealed that customers valued the balance of fashion and functionality, wearing the highly visible jackets for safety at work and at their leisure due to the jacket’s style and comfort. They perceived the jackets as high quality and of tremendous value, forming positive associations with the client’s brand.
Premium quality, comfort and high wearability – our retail-inspired approach allows us to provide all the key benefits of a North Face jacket but without the retail price. For maximizing your brand’s reach, perception and ROI – our retail-inspired collections are sure to deliver every time.

Custom That Won’t Blow Your Budget

To truly enhance a branded collection with unique and innovative looking products, there’s no better option than custom. Why settle for something that is close to what you’re looking for when you can create a collection that is customized to your specific needs and brand attributes?
As the largest privately owned company in the industry, we’re able to leverage our volume across our global supplier network to produce custom solutions that aren’t cost prohibitive and feature lower minimum order quantities than our competition.
The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom. Let our award-winning brandability team get started on your custom collection today!